Natural Skincare

For the longest time, I thought adding oil to your skin was just asking for acne.  However, I’ve recently realized the myth in this mindset and gotten over my fear of oil.  Recently, instead of my go-to facial moisturizer, I’ve been using a mix of a few drops of argan oil and rosehip oil on my face before bed.

While argan oil works as a lightweight moisturizer, rosehip oil works as an anti-aging product and scar treatment, preventing wrinkles, discoloration, and uneven skin tone.  Can’t really say I’ve ever found all of that in any other moisturizer. Not to mention it’s a natural product that doesn’t cost as much as the Sephora face serums claiming to do the same thing.  Rather than spending the usual $30 or more on moisturizer, I bought the argan oil for a few dollars at Trader Joes and the rosehip oil for about the same amount at Whole Foods.


Natural Skincare

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