Roomie Recommendation

Living in a house with ten other girls, a lot gets shared, swapped, and borrowed.  While I can’t really condone sharing makeup, I do recommend checking out products that friends swear by.  Who else better to trust than your best friends?

While not all products will work the same on everyone, I feel that mascara might be one of most universal options.  Typically, everyone wants the same thing: length and volume. Granted, wet and dry formulas will work differently on everyone.  For my lashes, I’ve found that dry and waterproof formulas work the best for holding a curl throughout the day.  However, I’ve also tried wet formula mascaras that I hated in the beginning but loved when the formula dried out a bit.  Sometimes even a mix of two different types of mascaras can become a holy grail combination–it’s all about experimenting.

Although I would usually pass on a high end mascara for an equally performing drug store mascara, I had a roommate who recently raved about Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes to Die For Mascara.  Selling for $22 at Sephora, this mascara is definitely a little more than I would typically pay for a mascara.  However, the results, as shown on my roommate, are pretty impressive.  In the photo featured, the right eye has no mascara applied while the left eye has Peter Thomas Roth’s Lashes to Die For Mascara.  The results show a huge increase in both length and volume. Can’t ask for much more in a mascara!

Roomie Recommendation

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