Modern Renaissance

The beauty world basically hasn’t shup up about Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new palette, Modern Renaissance, since it debuted recently. As this palette was sold out almost everytime I searched for it at Sephora, I was excited to get my hands on it this past week.

Featuring 14 shades, in neutral and berry shades, this palette is perfect for both everyday as well as more glamorous rose gold looks. While most of the shades are in the warmer tones, I’ve found that some of the brown shades, such as Cyprus Umber, can also create more cool toned looks. When mixed with Red Ochre, Cyprus Umber can actually create a darker, sultrier shade. The orange shades, such as Burnt Orange and Raw Sienna, also work great as blending shades, especially if it is the first shade put into the crease of the eye. All of the shadows are soft and buttery, so much so that they can easily blend out. The matte shadows don’t appear to be cakey and the metallic shadows don’t have too much fallout, while also working brilliantly with a little spritz of water.

After using the palette everyday this week, I think Modern Renaissance might enter the running for one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes. At $42 for 14 shades, this palette is worth the money as majority of the shadows work great for everyday makeup and can be darkened for more dramatic looks.

Modern Renaissance

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